INSTAT: 19 significant years

The Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) marked its 19th year in the college. Tracing its roots to IMSP as the Department of Statistics and Statistical Laboratory (DSSL), INSTAT was officially created by the Board of  Regents on February 26, 1998. Since then, INSTAT has produced skilled and competent statisticians serving inside and outside of the country.

The anniversary celebration of INSTAT with theme “Analytics: Gearing towards Data-Driven Decisions” kicked off with a symposium held at INSTAT Lecture Hall last February 24. The symposium showcased the outstanding papers of  the two teams of BS Statistics students in the recently concluded SAS Analytics Champion 2017.

As part of the celebration, the annual PasiklaBatch, or battle among the different batches of BS Statistics majors was held last February 27. Each batch of BS Statistics majors showcased their talents in acting, singing, and dancing. This activity is held annually to promote camaraderie within and among batches of BS Stat majors. This year’s champion of PasiklaBatch, Batch 2013, presented a spoof of ABS-CBN’s ASAP and Jollibee’s viral commercial advertisements about love. This event was followed by INSTAT’s Amazing Race which was participated by 8 teams, each with 2 faculty members and four BS or MS Statistics students held at Freedom Park. The scorching heat of the sun after lunch did not waver the vigor of yellow team headed by Mr. Maurice Borromeo and Ms. Lysette Aguila to outlast other competitors. The afternoon part of the celebration ended in Copeland Gymnasium after a team headed by Mr. Edrun Gayosa and former faculty member Rozrikk Abo-abo defeated three other teams in the Amazing Volleyball Tournament. Now on its fourth year, the much awaited Mr.  & Ms. Stat Major capped the anniversary celebration. Vince Harvey Juan(2015) and Ira Joy Martin(2013) were crowned Mr. and Ms. Stat 2017. Certificates of recognition were also given to students who showed excellent academic performance in the 2nd semester AY 2015-2016 and 1st semester AY 2016-2017 in the evening.  Participants shared sumptuous lunch and dinner that day. During the night of the celebration. INSTAT Director Dr. Consorcia Reaño closed the program by thanking all those that made the celebration possible and sharing to all, students, faculty and staff  that INSTAT will always be here to serve as everyone’s second home. — MJP Dating


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