PhD Statistics

The Doctor of Philosophy in Statistics (PhD STAT) program is designed to give the student a wide exposure to actual problems in statistical theory and methods. The program requires a minimum of 37 units, consisting of 6 units of core courses (STAT 341 and STAT 342), at least 9 unit of 200 level courses in Statistics, at least 9 units of cognate courses, 1 unit of graduate seminar, and 12 units of dissertation. Cognate field may be pursued in demography, genetics, economics, plant breeding, animal science, computer science, management, food science, information technology, mathematics, engineering science and hydrology, and water resources.

Admission Requirements

Applicants of the program must submit a duly accomplished application for admission form (GS Form No. 1) to the Graduate School, UP Los Baños, together with the following:

Applicants must also have a Master of Science in Statistics from an accredited university/college. The MS degree of the applicant is evaluated by the Graduate Curriculum Committee of INSTAT based on the following criteria:

Consideration is also given to applicants with sufficient experience, maturity, potential and motivation to pursue graduate study.

PhD Statistics Courses

Course Number
Course Title
STAT 341
Theory of Probability
Measure-theoretic probability; characteristic functions; generalized and compound distributions; limit theorems; stochastic processes.
STAT 342
Statistical Inference
Statistical Inference and statistical decision theory; sufficiency; most powerful tests; unbiasedness; invariance
STAT 363
Sampling Theory of Surveys
Stratified multistage sampling; sampling on successive occasions; problems and approaches in the development of multistage surveys
STAT 399
PhD Graduate Seminar
STAT 400
PhD Dissertation