Research Programs

University Pulse Survey Research Program

Statistics can be generated from different sources. There are those statistics from administrative records and others are from surveys and censuses. Statistics from administrative records are easy to generate especially nowadays records are already in electric format. However, statistics on current issues like opinions and views are usually generated from survey data. Thus, statistical surveys are vehicles to obtain relevant information.

Acknowledging the importance of knowing the opinion and views of its constituents in its decision making, the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos supported the University Pulse Survey Research Program (UPSRP).  This program was established through the leadership of Dr. Zita V.J. Albacea, in which the Institute of Statistics serves as the lead unit.

The UPSRP collects data from a probability sample of respondents for a valid use of statistical inference and to have confidence measure in making a decision based on the results of the survey.


The primary mission of UPSRP is to provide university administrators, students, faculty, and staff with reliable information on UPLB constituentā€™s views concerning academic as well as national relevant issues.


The University Pulse Survey Research Program (UPSRP) of the University of the Philippines Los BaƱos will be a leading academic organization dedicated to collecting high-quality survey data that are timely, accurate, and reliable by applying and facilitating high standards of social and behavioral research practice for a wide variety of audiences within the university and across community, and national arenas.