Statistical Modeling

As a premiere university focusing on agriculture, researches rendered under the statistical modeling cluster involve application of modeling techniques in the field of agriculture and life sciences. This cluster contains researches that present up-to-date modeling techniques for basic and complex experimental designs and survey data. Creation of new statistical models that are of high impact to the university. community, and the country are developed and validated by the undergraduate students. Researches under this cluster are often products of collaboration among other researchers within and outside the university.

AuthorTitleCollaboratorsSponsor or Partner Agency
Marcelino, Rocky T. Validation of the Predictive Capability of Microfit V.1 Towards Growth of wild-type S.aureus in Broth ModelKris R. Alvarez, KC Bureros, Ida F. Dalmacio UPLB Basic Research
Marcelino, Rocky T. Cost of Agricultural Credit and Interest Rate Sensitivity of Small-scale Farmers: An Empirical StudyAgham V. Cuevas, Zenaida M. Sumalde, Niño Alejandro Q. ManaloDepartment of Agriculture-Agricultural Policy Council
Almero, Leonard Allan F. Comparison of Statistical Downscaled Climate Scenario and Incremented Historical weather Data for Evaluating Climate Change Impacts on Rice YieldsFelino P. Lansigan
Lopez, Marie Joy F. Construction of Hunger Incidence IndexFelino P. Lansigan, Ivy M. Fernandez
Lopez, Marie Joy F. Statistical Analysis of Local Observational Evidences of Changing Climate and it's Impact in Rice YieldFelino P. Lansigan, Marife E. Gracilla, Toniflor D. Alto
Vasquez, Maria Salve C. Ensuring Food Sustainability through Weather Index Based InsuranceFelino P. Lansigan, Aizobelle P. Huelgas
Vasquez, Maria Salve C. Analysis of Crime Rates and Crime Cases in the Bicol RegionConsorcia E. Reaño
Comia, Liza N.Redefining Philippine Farm Households Based on their Income from Agricultural ActivitiesZita VJ. AlbaceaDOST-PCASTRRD
Comia, Liza N.Evaluation of Scaling Plots Used in Correspondence Analysis as Applied to a 6×5 Contingency DataEmeterio S. SolivasDOST-ESEP
Comia, Liza N.Loglinear Analysis of Categorical DataEmeterio S. Solivas
Maligalig, Dalisay S.Measuring Food Security in the PhilippinesRechel Guino-Arcilla Asian Development Bank
Maligalig, Dalisay S.Measures for Assessing Basic Education in the PhilippinesJose Ramon G. Albert
Maligalig, Dalisay S.Examining the Existing Direct Measures og Hunger in the Philippines
Mendoza, Jared Jorim O.Impact of El Nino Southern Oscillation on Corn Production in the PhilippinesFelino P. Lansigan
Yambot, John Lorenzo A.Comparison of Medical Treatments and Survival Analysis of Breast and Prostate Cancer Patients from the Manila Cancer RegistryConsorcia E. Reano
Yambot, John Lorenzo A.Early Assessment of STAT 1 students through Logistic Regression Analysis: Who are at Risk of Failing?Monicca Lorraine M. Alcanices, Ramoncito G. Cambel, Mark Jay P. Dating, Marie Joy F. Lopez
Comia, Liza N.Correspondence Analysis as Applied to a 6×5 Contingency Data. The Philippine Statistician