With the exponential growth of the computational capability in today’s technology, statistics has been provided with an avenue to support researches involving large data sets subjected to pattern and relationships recognition. Researches rendered under the computational statistics cluster involve validation of existing models, proposition of new statistical methods, and data mining. It focuses on the use of statistical computing theories such as approximation, maximization, networking, among others.


As a premiere university focusing on agriculture, researches rendered under the statistical modeling cluster involve application of modeling techniques in the field of agriculture and life sciences. This cluster contains researches that present up-to-date modeling techniques for basic and complex experimental designs and survey data. Creation of new statistical models that are of high impact to the university. community, and the country are developed and validated by the undergraduate students. Researches under this cluster are often products of collaboration among other researchers within and outside the university.


The need for reliable official statistics has been driven by the transparency demanded for by the public. Survey methods cluster involve application of statistical techniques in collecting data and estimating parameters. Researches under this cluster focus on ways of improving survey design which involve sampling techniques. weighting methods, and estimation, among others. Results from this researches are hoped to be disseminated to achieve the objective of survey researches.