2015 Curriculum and GE Courses Orientation For BS Statistics Freshmen

The Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) held its annual BS Statistics Curriculum and GE Orientation for freshmen students last September 29, 2015 at the INSTAT Lecture Hall, organized by the instruction committee headed by Prof. James Roldan S. Reyes. The goal of the said activity was to familiarize new freshmen students to their BS Statistics curriculum and to advise them on how to graduate with minimal amount of time. The activity included discussions of BS STAT curriculum, RGEP courses and Systemone.

The program started with the opening remarks from the Director of the Institute of Statistics, Dr. Consorcia E. Reaño, who stressed that BS STAT curriculum in UPLB is the best in the Philippines and that BS STAT graduates are one of the most employable graduates in the country.

Prof. Reyes started the orientation with a quote which says that “Statistics is the sexiest job of the 21st century”. After which, he emphasized that passing all subjects specially MATH 17 (Algebra and Trigonometry) is very important since this particular subject starts the prerequisite chain of the curriculum. Succeeding the curriculum orientation, Ms. Rachelyn Ann Araña informed the new freshmen students about the GE courses as well as the number of subjects required in each domain. Both teachers gave some tips to students on how they can manage well their Stat and GE courses. After discussing the GE courses, Mr. Ronald R. Roldan Jr. talked about Systemone, an online enrollment website in UPLB. He described the interface of the website and taught students on how to enlist subjects through it.

After the open forum and games, Dr. Nancy A. Tandang ended the program with her closing remarks where she shared to the students that nothing can be acquired without hard work.


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